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Why does your business need Nextbase Dash Cams?

Nextbase caters to the needs of commercial vehicles and fleet. A Dash Cam should be a necessity for your business to protect drivers on the road, save money on motor insurance and help resolve incidents where you are not at fault.

Nextbase have designed a range specifically for fleets that is not only the widest choice on the market but also the most advanced and innovative in the industry. A fleet dash cam will help your business to prosper by protecting it from accidents. 

Protect your business against fraud

By installing a Nextbase Dash Cam, your company can protect against fraudulent claims, including crash-for cash scams and parking accidents. This in turn will speed up the claims process, ensuring your vehicles get back on the roads quicker.

Dash cam for fleets will save you from drawbacks and will give you greater peace of mind.

Prove fault in an incident

A Nextbase Dash Cam provides instant evidence to show who is at fault in an accident. With footage instantly stored onto the SD card, it can easily be shared to fleet managers via Wi-Fi or PC. This importantly saves time and money in excess and split liability claims.

A dash cam for fleet vehicles is an excellent protective measure that will enhance the safety of your business. 

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Get back on the road faster

Whether it’s your drivers fault or not, by having the video footage from a Nextbase Dash Cam, the claims process can be reduced from months, to a just a few days. Meaning your vehicles can be back on the road, faster. Get from your professional dash cam the proof that you need.
Save Money on Dash Cam Insurance

Protect your business against fraud

Honest motorists are taking the financial and emotional hit from scams. Reports suggest that criminals are targeting fleet vehicles so the need for an independent witness is the height of importance.