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Front & Rear Dash Cams

Our award winning series 2 Dash Cam range

Our award winning series 2 Dash Cam range

All eyes on the road


Sold out

Share your precise location in an accident. 4K image quality and image stabilization means you’ll capture every detail.








"You have the best Dash Cam in existence"


CNET Roadshow - Best Dash Cam for 2022

Forbes Wheels - Best Dash Cam for 2022


PCWorld - Editors' Choice 2022

Easy on the eyes. Easy to use


Sold out

A 3-inch touch screen and a built-in polarizing filter to reduce glare make the 522GW easy to use—and easy on the eyes.

"The Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam produces a super-sharp 1440p (or Quad HD) video image".

-Wirecutter Product Award

"You have the best Dash Cam in existence"

Wirecutter Product Award–Nextbase 522GW

Forbes Best Dash Cam for 2019

Ask Alexa


Sold out

Use Alexa Voice to get directions, play your favorite tunes, or even control your Dash Cam. With 1440p HD recording and a 6-layer lens, the 422GW captures it all.

" A great choice for people who want to keep things simple"

-Mashable - Our top pics

Wirecutter Product Award–Nextbase 522GW

PC World Editors' Choice


Mashable - Our top pics

Stay connected


Sold out

The 322GW has WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS so it’s easy to connect, download files to your phone, and keep track of where you are.



"It's a great multipurpose model."

-Best Buy Which? Awards

Best Buy 2022 - Nextbase 322GW

Stay sharp


Sold out

Capture sharp, clear 1080p HD images while you’re driving. Intelligent Parking Mode kicks in to keep you protected while you’re stopped.

" A great choice for people who want to keep things simple"

-Mashable - Our top picks

Mashable — Our top picks

Protection at a great price


Sold out

Feel protected on the road. The 122 packs a mighty HD punch at an affordable price that’s great for first-time drivers.

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See every which way.

Sold out

Pair it with your Dash Cam to create a front and rear Dash Cam and know you have all the angles covered.

Sold out

This camera connects directly to your Dash Cam and records the rear view of your journey, so if there’s a rear impact, you’ll be covered.

Sold out

Capture vehicles beside you as well as your passengers for a complete view of everything that happens inside and around your car.

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