Can dash cam footage be used in court?

Dash Cam footage CAN be used as evidence in court, and has been used effectively over the past few years to prosecute and even hand out jail sentences  A new resource, the National Dash Cam Safety Portal(NDCSP), now allows people to send footage to the relevant police force along with a police report if they have recorded reckless driving or an incident on their Dash Cam. This footage can be used to prove fault in the case of an incident or even just highlight dangerous driving to the police. A a free initiative by Nextbase as we look to use our platform and Dash Cams to improve road safety. The NDCSP has already led to around 1,200 prosecutions due to footage sent to the police being followed up. The portal has saved police over 68,000 hours of incident processing in just a year, saving such a large amount of time means police can review a lot more footage and the roads get safer as a result.

With 25% of UK drivers already having a Dash Cam installed in their vehicle, Insurer Aviva expects this number to rise rapidly to 50% in only a few years. With this it is the hope that more Dash Cams on the road means:

    • More incidents caught on camera, thus fault can be proven
    • Improved driving behaviour of those that have Dash Cams and those that don’t
    • More reckless drivers prosecuted and taken off the road
    • Police become more and more adept at processing and acting on footage

The ever-improving features that can be found in Dash Cams make their evidence more admissible in court as evidence. The Nextbase Series 2 322GW, 422GW & 522GW all use a two satellite GPS systems which refresh at 10Hz, meaning that every second the Dash Cam captures 10 data readings. Thus, able to capture very accurate speed and acceleration data on Google Maps. This all means that such accurate footage and GPS readings make the footage very usable in court.

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