Nextbase partners with Channel 4’s Hunted

Hunting for the best footage: Nextbase partners with Channel 4’s Hunted

*Note that this article has been written about the 412GW dash cam, visit our Nextbase 422GW dash cam page for the latest product features.

As nine civilians scattered to the far reaches of the country, eagle-eyed fans of the hit Channel 4 show Hunted may have spotted the Nextbase Dash Cams fitted in the cars of the expert hunters. Seeking quality footage of the epic hunt for the ‘Fugitives’, Channel 4 contacted Nextbase to ask for the mobile units to be fitted with the very best recording devices.

With excellent night vision capabilities and in-built GPS, the Nextbase 412GW fits the bill perfectly, capturing crystal clear footage of the road ahead, giving the Hunters recording capability from behind the windscreen. The stunning image quality of the 412GW was an asset to the Hunters, who could use the in-built WiFi to share footage of their pursuits and ensure the speedy capture of the Fugitives.

Centred around a group of volunteers who go ‘on the run’ for 4 weeks, Hunted sees Fugitives chased by a crack team of intelligence and surveillance professionals. These Hunters are comprised of experts from a range of fields including former policemen, ex-military personnel, investigative psychologists and cyber operatives. The show blends the reality of living in a country that is under constant surveillance with the fantasy of eluding the powers of the state.

There are now estimated to be 2.6million Dash Cams on UK roads, monitoring the behaviours of motorists and road users. Nextbase has plans to put this video footage to good use, where relevant, by supporting online reporting of incidents to the police, thus improving the safety of all road users.

While the 412GWs were used in Hunted for the purposes of surveillance, this isn’t their primary function and Dash Cam footage isn’t readily available for public viewing. Motorists can derive the most benefit from a Dash Cam by capturing content that can, if needed, prove liability in the event of an incident. The UK’s top 41 insurers all accept Dash Cam footage as part of processing a claim and provision of video can help reduce the claim time by as much as half.

Nextbase is proud to have supported Hunted with the provision of 412GWs to its vehicles.

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